Welcome to your first discussion post!  For this post, please:

  • Briefly discuss your understanding (or lack thereof) of feminism BEFORE you joined this class, including where you learned about it (e.g., social media, family members, school, etc.) and THEN…
  • Discuss what you’ve learned and/or found interesting, challenging, etc., in this week’s readings.   Use specific texts and key terms from the reading to support your reflection.  

Important Disclaimer:  This discussion is not an ideological or political assignment.  You are not being graded on whether or not you identify as a feminist, and neither are your peers.  Instead, I’d like you to reflect on the various meanings attached to a contemporary social movement  (i.e., feminism) that affects all of us -and that comes with a long history.     


  • Engage with a minimum of two (2) texts and two (2) key terms.  Note:  My lecture counts as a text 🙂
  • Conclude your post with a bolded discussion question
  • Be thoughtful, open-minded, and respectful when engaging with your peers.  We all move through this world with different social locations, identities, and experiences.  But we’re all human, too!

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