Each student will complete a written assignment to demonstrate their understanding of the 5-step action plan (ALGEE). Sample vignettes are provided here in the attached files. Each student will choose one vignette and type a response delineating how they would implement each step of the ALGEE action plan. This typed response should be provided in the assignment worksheet. The worksheet for this assignment is provided here in the attached files. The completed assignment will be submitted via this assignment tab. This item is worth 100 points total. A grading rubric is also attached. Remember, you are being asked to detail how you would help someone struggling with a mental health issue, using the ALGEE action steps.It is permissible to use first person language and approach this assignment more as a discussion question than a research paper. Written assignments are expected to be typed, presented in a scholarly manner, demonstrating English proficiency, as well as appropriate presentation of content. Points will be deducted for errors in spelling, grammar, and unprofessional appearance. 

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