I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter: Chis Tucker is an FBI agent and is waiting for Jackie Chan, who is to be his partner for an assignment, to get off the plane. At this point they have not met. What you will see is Tucker making bad assumptions about Chan because of his race.

B. Relevance: This is relevant because it happens here in New York, there are many language barriers and there is a misunderstanding that if you can’t speak English that you are somehow not intelligent.

C. Show Video Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rl9Cxc7uZA&list=LLRRQmrB2YheVSgWoLIU-49Q&index=1

Transition: I will now explain the dialectical tension shown in this interaction

II. Body (analysis)

A. This scene shows the dialectical tension of privacy vs. expression

i. Privacy vs. expression is the tension between our desire to keep things to ourselves and our desire to share things with other people. Sometimes one person wants more of one than the other.

ii. Chris Tucker meets up with Jackie Chan and asks him if he speaks English and when Jackie doesn’t respond Chris Tucker starts to complain and talk to him like he is slow or dumb. Chan probably wants some privacy.

iii. Chris Tucker is overly expressive of his ill feelings towards his new partner when he finds out he doesn’t speak English. Jackie remains silent and chooses to be left alone and separated from the conversation through silence.

Transition: I will now talk about the communication styles used in the conversation

B. We can also see differences in their communication styles.

i. Passive vs. Aggressive styles. Passive communication is where you are nonconfrontational and aggressive communication is where you just confront everything and say what you think without any filter.

ii. Chris arrives complaining and yelling being aggressive he wants to do things his way and Jackie is very calm being more passive about the situation and letting the problems continue without addressing them.

Transition: Now Jorge will talk about the recommendation.

C. We decided that we could make this better with the dialectical management strategy of reframing.

i. This is the idea that parts of the relationship need to be evaluated and looked at in a different way. When parts of a relationship are reframed, it can make the relationship stronger, causing issues to be looked at in a new light. It can go the other way too; positive aspects of a relationship might not be as beneficial as perceived. This concept allows for flaws to be addressed. Chris Tucker

ii. This will improve their professional relationship.

Transition: Give a transition to the conclusion

III. Conclusion

A. Overall, we found the dialectical tension between Chris and Jackie to stem from Chris’ need to overly show expression and Jackie’s want to remain private and silent. Also, we discovered that the communication styles of the two were Chris being aggressive and Jackie being passive. We recommended reframing to try and relieve the conflict.

B. Hopefully this will change your attitude in approaching new people, who knows that new person may become your new best friend.


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