SOC-449 Direct Practice Errors Worksheet

In social work, it is imperative to know direct practice errors and how to avoid them as well as how to recommend ways to overcome direct practice errors. This assignment will help develop this skill:

Complete this assignment while watching the “Probation Officer: Session 1” video assessing the Case Manager’s skill set. Cite two to four scholarly sources to support your answers:

“Probation Officer Session 1”

Best Practices-

Briefly explain any best practices you saw in the video (75-100 words):

Direct Practice Errors-

Summary: (250-300 words)

In this section, summarize what you saw in the video. Explain any nonverbal and verbal behaviors. How did the client respond to the

Probation Officer? Explain if there were judgments made or question stacking. Finally, explain how you would have approached this

session differently.


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