Project Two Milestone

Shivone Smith

Southern New Hampshire University

PSY 222: Research Methods in Psychology

Amy Coyle

April 18, 2022

Project Two Milestone

Research Study: The Role of Conscious Reasoning and Intuition in Moral Judgment: Testing Three Principles of Harm

1. Select a peer-reviewed journal article and describe its relevance to you personally or professionally in about 50 to 75 words.

This research is important to me because it answers the question of role of conscious reasoning and intuition in moral judgement. Many people have experienced harm, I included I am informed of the three principles that may define harm. The principle of harm that is caused by action vs that of omission, the principle of harm intended against that of foreseen effect and the principle of physical contact vs no physical contact.

2. Describe the purpose of the peer-reviewed journal article in about 25 to 50 words.

The research examines the topic on the extend of conscious reasoning in comparison with the intuition. The outcomes of the two in moral reasoning decision.

3. Identify the major methodological design of the peer-reviewed journal article in about 25 to 50 words.

The Moral Sense Test Website was used to collect the required data for use in this article. This was an improvement from the previous works of study that showed no big difference in data for those who completed traditionally by pen and paper.

4. Identify strengths and weaknesses of the specific measurement used to operationalize one of the key variables in about 50 to 100 words.

The paper has put in consideration the variables required for the examination of this topic. The first variable of harm caused by action versus harm caused by omission meets clear difference between action and omission. With these variables, they are easy to comment on cause and effects and also easy to replicate. Their weakness remains the advent of the artificial environment where the participants have to act out. They also have demand characteristics where the participants may change the behavior

5. Identify the key variables and how they were operationalized in the study (i.e., what measures were used) in about 100 to 150 words.

Independent variable is harm caused by action which is operationalized through intentional questioning that the participants are subjected to. Here we can predict the cause and the results of harm caused by action. The dependent variable is omission which we cannot predict the results of that harm that is caused by omission. Another variable is harm caused by physical contact (independent) versus that caused by without physical contact (Dependent). These is operationalized through reflective questioning and reasoning that investigates physical and emotional hurt.


Cushman F., Young L., & Hauser M. (2006). The Role of Conscious Reasoning and Intuition in

Moral Judgement: Testing Three Principles of Harm.

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