This time, instead of studying a philosopher, you will practice being one yourself. Since it will be your thoughts with a mix of other contemporary thinkers on your particular philosophical topic, I hope that you can see another aspect of the importance of Socratic knowledge-what you think and how you think it is crucial to you and to the world.

See the Project 2 assignment sheet (at the bottom of the Projects section) for details about topics, format, etc. 

For this Step 1, answer/address the following in a journal that is at least 2 pages. 

1. What topic are you considering for this project? Why?

2. What is the significance of this issue/issues in society today? Is this a problem that needs to be solved, or is this an issue that we need to learn to look at differently?

3. Which philosopher do you have in mind to connect your ideas to?

4. What questions do you have about the project or topic?


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