topic – Does discrimination in the legal professions give rise to specific social injustices? Youmay concentrate on either the legal or paralegal profession or compare and contrast both. Yourdiscussion should address the following issues:

Submit a 5-6-page essay on your approved selected topic (not including the title or referencespage.) You must use at least 3 recent scholarly sources as explained on page 21 of the Hackerand Sommers Manual. You may use government websites in addition to scholarly sources toquote statistics. All sources must be cited in-text and a separate reference list must beincluded.

Include in your Capstone Essay discussion:

The Institution that perpetuates the injusticeThe minority group most affected by the injusticeThe negative outcomes or personal consequences suffered by those who are targetedThe cost/s of this injustice to society (financial, loss of human capital/resources)Solutions or alternatives to the problem/s that you have identified: new policies, legislation,social movements, public opinionReflect on your education in the Justice Studies department and mention content or a sourcefrom at least one Justice Studies course related to your topicA minimum of three scholarly articles

The APA Manual of Style required for this course will be the only APA source used to grade thisassignment.

All written work is to be typed using 12 font, one inch margins and double spacing.Please utilize grammar and spell check before submitting your paper.You must submit an electronic copy to Turnitin on or before the due date.It is permitted to draw upon research papers that you have submitted in previous course work.Prior work can be used as a foundation to build your new research project. Turnitin willdetermine how much of your paper is new material and how much is from former work. Morethan 50% of prior work is unacceptable.

Essay Format

Please note that an essay is a continuous flowing paper.Your writing should reflect a sequential thought process.There are no section headers or sub-section headers in an essay.Follow the format instructions for the Analytical Essay on pages 69-73 of the Hacker andSommers required manual of style. No other format will be accepted.

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