Your paper should be structured as follows:

1. Title Page: include only the title, each team member's full name, and course information. (1 page)2. Abstract: include a brief summary of your paper (the main topic discussed, the research purpose, theresults obtained and the conclusions drawn). The abstract should be 200 to 250 words.3. Introduction: indicate the importance of your HRM topic; articulate a research question or a problem andprovide the structure of your paper4. Literature Review: provide a summary of the relevant publications on your research topic. A minimumof 12 citations from scholarly and professional journals should be used. A list of journals and HR topicsto choose from is available in your syllabus. Check also the library guide for scholarly articles5. Research Methods: add this section only if your paper is empirical. Describe your research methodology.You may use quantitative, qualitative, or combined methodology depending on your research question.6. Findings & Discussion: discuss your findings and provide your own analysis and opinion on the topic.Ground your thoughts in the current academic and professional HRM literature.7. Conclusion: summarize your main points; don't introduce new material, mention the implications of yourresearch on theory and practice.8. References Cited – each reference cited in the text must be cited alphabetically in this section. Please use the APA style and visit the following website for more information and guidance:  The criteria for assessment of your paper or HRM plan will include the relevance of content; clarity andcompleteness; quality and variety of sources cited; structure and organization; length to contribution ratio;spelling, grammar, and punctuation; professionalism; adherence to guidelines/format. The paper's overall grade is the grade that each team member receives for his or her paper unless the peer assessment indicates otherwise

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