External Factor Analysis Summary Table for DigiPhone 7 (Example)

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.1 3.5 .35

Many reviews mention the video quality

has been improved over the previous

model, but is still not the same quality

compared to other phones in this price

point (Amazer, 2015).

Expand markets

outside Asia

.15 4 .6 The phones manufactured in China have a

good foothold there, but are only available

outside Asia through online retailers

(Amazer, 2015).

Include Bluetooth


.05 1 .05 The phone currently lacks Bluetooth

functionality, which has become a

standard feature of phones in this class.

Integrate front

facing camera

.05 1.50 .075 This was a requested feature for the older

versions, and it finally made it to the

DigiPhone 7.

Parental Controls .05 1 .05 Not much is mentioned about built-in

parental controls for phones, but the

options are starting to emerge for parents

to have direct control over talk time,

texting, and other aspects of the phone

(Minor, 2016).

Use Wi-Fi


.1 2 .2 Wifi N is quickly being replaced by Wifi

802-11ac, which is up to 12x faster

(Lendino, 2015).




.05 1.0 .05 Most complaints were about their color

selection. Only black or gray are

available, and many other manufactures

are coming out with other color options

(Amazer, 2015).

Cost of


.1 3 .3 The DigiPhone is marketed at the mid-

level phone section, but is missing some

key technologies that keep it from

competing with those phones. It is

competitively priced within this section.

Growth of


.2 5 1 Other companies are innovating; that will

set them apart from the competition

(Crago, 2008).



.05 2 .1 DigiPhone is not a household name, and

outside of smart phone enthusiasts they

External Factor Analysis Summary Table for DigiPhone 7 (Example)

Overall, Digiphone is doing better than other phones in the same market share. Their

annual stockholder report has shown shares increasing in value in the last quarter (Digiphone,

2016). The version 7 of their phone is priced aggressively within this market segment, but is also

missing some key technologies that would make it more comparable to other phones at the same

price. The company doesn't seem to be aggressively trying to expand outside of its Asian market,

and this could translate into lost opportunities to increase revenue in a new market. They have

been available from online retailers, and the data supports the trend that Americans are shopping

online more than in stores (Greenberg, 2015). As long as they maintain their costs and online

presence, and they meet customer expectations for features and design, the company will

continue to be a market leader.

are relatively unknown. They need to

increase brand awareness.



.05 3.5 .175 All emerging technology companies face

this threat and it costs companies

hundreds of billions of dollars annually

(Federal Bureau of Investigation, n.d.).

Negative reviews .05 3 .15 DigiPhone has been slow to respond to

consumer desires, but every version has

shown progress.

1.00 3.1

External Factor Analysis Summary Table for DigiPhone 7 (Example)


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