Week 1 discussion

1. Create your company name and explain its significance.

2. Describe the product or service you will produce or sell.

. If you are focusing on the snack food company, clarify the key ingredients and any flavors you plan to offer.

. If you choose your own company, and it is a service company, clarify the service options you plan to offer.

. If you choose your own company and product, specify the options (flavors, versions of the product, et cetera) you will offer to consumers.

· Develop your company's mission statement.

. Enclose your mission statement within quotation marks.




1. Balance Body Snacks is about helping keep the body stay in a alkaline state which reduces the risk of getting ill and helps with fighting chronic disease.

2. The product that we will sell will be a fruit snack packed with fruits that balance the body and push it to become alkaline with flavors like watermelon, mango, and papaya and some of the ingredients that help bind this into a packaged fruit snack is unsweetened yogurt, tofu, soy, and egg whites.

3. “Provide healing from the inside out”

Teacher Feedback

Keep in mind you are to start your business in April 2022 and you must reach sales of over 1 million by the end of the second year. You will be operating in an area of 100 miles radius from your home address. 

Be sure to use the required headers to organize your post.

The mission statement should be in quotation marks anywhere you use it in your discussions or assignments. Revise the mission statement to include what you do, what makes you unique, and your core values. Check out the Trader Joe's example in the second post in the discussion. 

You can proceed with this company but make sure you follow the guidelines provided in the discussions and assignments (the company of choice guidelines). You will focus on this company in all the assignments and discussions in this course.

Week 2 Discussion

SWOT Matrix for Balance Body Snacks

“Provide healing from the inside out with all natural organic snack that is filling”



1. Fruity Taste

2. Location the store is located by a grocery store and a fitness center

3. Shelf life

4. Social media following over 2 million


1. Saturated market

2. Price is on the high end of the market

3. Choice of flavors

4. Not on the shelves of national health food stores


1. Not many healthy snacks help with ph levels

2. Expand into local grocery stores

3. High demand for healthy snacks

4. More online sales


1.Competitors selling at lower price

2. a decline in customers

3. slow to pivot to other products

4. Patent on product pending

Teacher feedback

Revise weaknesses 1. Weather and competition are both threats. Weaknesses are internal to the company and those aspects you can improve on. Think of your financial situation, customer relationship, product or service, growth, and development, and see if there are some specific aspects you can improve on. Examples would be: a weak brand, inexperienced staff, quality issues, etc.

Revise opportunities 4. Opportunities are not under your control and cannot be created. You can just take advantage of them to grow the business. These should be stated to specify the external factors you plan to take advantage of to grow the business: events, trends, etc.

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