Writing for the Profession CYCS 2011 Child & Youth Care Program

George Brown College

Cody Lang Case Study Part 4: Cody’s Words in Closing Preamble: Cody has now completed residential treatment and is set to return to live with his mothers next

week. He has decided to write another document to discuss his progress and to celebrate his

successes. You have worked with him to record this document and helped him to reflect on

what has been helpful for him and his follow up plan. He refers to you as his “worker”.

Cody, in his own words:

Date: September 30, 20XX Hey again, it’s me Cody. Cody Lang. So, my worker said I should write my feelings out again now

that I’m leaving because it is a good way for me to express myself and “review progress”. I guess

I sorta agree this time. Ok here goes.

I really hated Acorn House when I first came here! I’m still not the biggest fan but I gotta admit

I’m better off then when I first came here. So, I did end up going to see a shrink [psychiatrist]. I

was kinda nervous and thought it was stupid, but my worker came with me, so I did it alright.

Turns out I was depressed according to the doc [psychiatrist]. I coulda told you that! She also

said I had “suicide ideation” which means I was having thoughts of offing myself. I had no plan

or nothing, so she said that was good, but I did think about dying and stuff. I met with the doc

every other week for 5 months and I’m going to see her once a month now that I’m going home.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that part! I’m going back to live with my moms full time next week.

I’m pretty hyped [excited] about it actually! My worker says, “you’ve made good progress as a

family”. A cool thing happened is that my worker hooked up a conversation between us all. I

told my moms that I really need to hear more about my birth mom, and they finally told me.

Turns out they were “trying to protect” me but I’m like, “come on, I have the right to know”. To

tell you the truth, it did kinda hurt at first finding out more about her but I’m happy that I know.

Turns out Crystal passed away a few years ago and my moms were worried that would hurt me.

But it’s like, at least I know that there isn’t someone out there just looking for me or something.

So, I’m supposed to write how this all makes feel. I guess sad and maybe relived. My worker is

always saying “use feeling words, Cody” so that’s my feelings, sad and relieved. Not relieved

cause Crystal is dead but just cause I finally know what happened. The doc says I’m having a

“normal grief reaction”. Normal. It’s kinda nice to hear that instead of “this and this and this is

wrong with you, Cody”. Anyways, my doc also says my “symptoms have improved” and my

worker just reminded me that my doc said, I “no longer meet the criteria for clinical depression”.

I also don’t think about dying anymore, so that’s good.

Writing for the Profession CYCS 2011 Child & Youth Care Program

George Brown College

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to write about what I think helped me. Well for sure the talk with my

moms helped and we have been getting along good. But also, this other really cool thing! My

worker told me about this drama therapy group for teens. I was all, what the heck is that, but it

turns out that you can use acting in a group as kinda a way to work through stuff. That’s so me

because I get so annoyed with the constant conversations! The drama therapist does make us

talk a bit but it’s mostly acting, and I’m good at that.

So, this group meets once a week. I’ve been going for like 10 weeks or so. I like it because it’s

really chill, and the other kids know what I’ve gone through cause they got their own issues and

history and stuff. Half the time I forget that this is a “psychotherapy” group cause we laugh so

much but sometimes we get deep. I did this cool thing where this girl played the role of my birth

mom and I got to say goodbye to her. I actually cried in front of everyone, but they were real

good about it and you know, kinda comforting and such. It sounds crazy but I think it actually

helped. Also, other kids in the group have depression or anxiety which also makes me feel kinda

normal. Like, if other kids got issues like me then maybe I’m not the only one, y’know?

Now I’m supposed to talk about my “peers”. Sounds so formal LOL. Anyways it means the other

kids my age. So yeah, I made some friends from drama therapy, and we hang out and stuff. I

also still hang out with Jon from school. He’s really cool and I told him all about my personal

stuff and he’s a good listener and doesn’t judge me or nothing. School is going alright. I make it

most days to class and my grades are alright, but I still don’t like most of them kids, except for

Jon and this new girl in school I’ve been hanging with, Shanelle. We’re not dating but she’s cool

and hangs out with me and Jon. We all like writing songs and even made one up together!

Oh yeah, and those older kids that I used to chill with, I don’t hang with them no more. I kinda

just stopped going to see them as much and after a while I DMed [direct messaged] a couple of

‘em but didn’t get no real answers, so whatever. That kinda hurt cause all they said was could I

get some money to party. Kinda makes me feel used so forget that and forget them! Anyways

my worker says they weren’t no good for me anyways and I kinda agree. Besides I got new

friends now who are “age appropriate”, as my worker says. We also don’t do no illegal stuff.

So, is everything perfect? Naw. Do I feel better? Yep! I guess my plan is to keep going to my

drama therapy group and hangin’ with my new friends. I also talk more with my moms now, it’s

kinda like I trust them more now. Oh yeah, and I will see my shrink once a month and Acorn

House says that I can come to “alumni night” once a month. That’s when kids who graduated

outa here come back to chill, say hey to the workers and other kids who graduated. I might do

that, but I kinda want to put all this behind me. I’m supposed to go to this other group for kids

who do drugs and drink. It’s supposed to be helpful but I ain’t been drinkin’ or smoking’ or

fightin’ lately so to tell you the truth I don’t think I need it but whatever, I’ll go check it out.

OK that’s about it from me. I wanna give props to my worker for the help. And I guess to the

other workers and kids here. It’s not so bad really if you think about it. Alright, that’s me comin’

outa my shell. Get it?

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