Proctor and Gamble is recognized as a leader in its industry from how it treats its employees to how it manages its brand. Founded as a soap company, P&G now has 65 brands, generating over $85 billion in sales throughout the world. P&G is the world’s largest advertiser, and in fact, is regarded by many as the inventor of modern advertising. It is recognized by Fortune as the #1 Global Top Company and #15 for the World’s Most Admired Brand.

Analysis To achieve and maintain its leadership position in the market, P&G continually reassesses their product lines. In 2014, they cut 100 of their brands while keeping the 65 brands that generate 90% of their profits. Instead of following other businesses, P&G has continually broken new trails, entered new fields, set new records, and kept raising their standards. Consumers can have confidence that their products are safe, having been thoroughly tested. P&G has one of the most efficient employee training programs, priding themselves on their mentorship and leadership development programs, and becoming a very sought-after place to work.

Case Questions 1. Why does Proctor and Gamble draw so many job applicants?

1. How did Proctor and Gamble influence the creation of their industry as it pertains to safety?

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