Week 7 – Lecture

Factors that Influence the Coaching Environment

There are several factors that affect a coaching environment. Factors such as mood, rapport, compassion, and communication all have a dramatic effect on a coaching relationship.

Mood. Organizations are like people in that each has a distinct mood. As with a person, this mood constantly fluctuates due to ever-changing internal and external factors. Being able to read an organization's mood can help a leader recognize when and where changes are necessary. This constant evolution allows for an organization to be consistently moving toward an environment where there is freedom to learn, grow, and freely express opinions and concerns.

Rapport. In order to be an effective coach or mentor, you must take the time to establish a rapport with all the parties involved. This can be difficult at times when the coachee may come from a different background, culture, language, or gender. There does not seem to be an across-the-board coaching or mentoring method for all classes of people. Rather, various and even experimental attempts are made.

Compassion. Without an effective relationship, productive coaching or mentoring is impossible. In other words, being a coach or mentor requires you to establish a trusting working relationship with another individual or individuals. A good way to build rapport is by taking some time to get to know the other individual in meaningful ways that may extend beyond routine business. Doing so can greatly strengthen the bond between coach and coachee or mentor and mentee, and provide greater understanding about concerns and difficulties.

Communication. In each of these situations, communication is critical. The lack of communication, or even a miscommunication, can dramatically affect that relationship. In certain cases, when a miscommunication arises, coaches need to confront individuals in order to work through the situation. A model such as Scott’s Confrontation Model can be helpful in working through communication issues that may arise when coaching or mentoring in unique situations.

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