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I'm a hardworking student with skills already mastered in various fields.

I'm a fast learner and easily cope with adjusting conditions. I spend most of my free time learning new accounting skills and keeping up with the world's financial



Diversified – Summer work

May 2019 – March 2022 Tx. Cloud, Hou

– Goodman Manufacturing | 22331 N W Lake Dr, Houston, TX 77095

– Domino’s Pizza | 6210 Sienna Pkwy Missouri Ci, TX 77459

– Alcon Manufacturing | 9965 Buffalo Speedway Houston, TX 77054

– Amazon HOU8 | 2303 Hurricane Ln, Fresno, TX 77545


School 2 Bachelor of Accounting

August 2021 – Current Tx. Cloud, CYN

School 1- Bachelor of Accounting

August 2019 – June 2021 Tx. Cloud, HOU


-Analyzed balance sheet accounts and journal entries, complying with GAAP. Maintained cash basis financials used to better understand.

-Excellent in both writing and speaking. ability to plan ahead of time and give special attention to the smallest of aspects, capable to comprehend or solve a problem using logical reasoning, ability to plan of time and analyze systems Mathematical and logical reasoning skills, as well as critical thinking, active learning, and clerical knowledge. knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite.

-Relevant Course – Statistics/Bus/Eco, Math business/Eco II, Intermediate Acct I, Prin/Microeconomics, Prin Man Accounting, Prin/Macroeconomics


· Pursuing a Bachelor of Accounting

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