Q1. Explain the cash conversion cycle (CCC). Describe the CCC for your employer or company in an industry in which you're interested. What are some specific things that your company could do to decrease your cash conversion cycle? Let's be sure to describe, in pretty specific terms, the CCC for our company and what could be done to shorten it.

Q2. Review the learning objectives of this course and create three statements that you can use to answer frequently asked interview questions. The statements should showcase what you learned in this class and how it can impact a future employer. The statement should showcase a learning objective, item discussed, or skill developed in class and how that can be helpful to an employer.

Possible interview questions:

"Why should we hire you?"

"Tell me about how did you develop the skills listed in your résumé?

"How would you handle a difficult situation?"

“What role do you play within a team?”

Learning objectives of course

Evaluate the role of the financial manager in meeting corporate goals.1,2,6

Apply time value of money principles as it relates to various finance scenarios. 3,4

Evaluate the relationship of risk and return as it relates to both individual assets and asset portfolios.5

Analyze capital structure and the weighted average cost of capital (WACC).4,5

Evaluate capital budgeting techniques related to long-term capital projects.6

Employ financial forecasting and budgeting techniques for a corporate business.7

Evaluate the working capital needs of a business.8

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