3pages for Project Report

Cybercrime Impact in Healthcare Systems in Virginia because of COVID-19: Case Studies in Fairfax and Arlington Counties.

Please kindly make your 3 pages a case studies in Fairfax and Arlington Counties.

Your activities must be documented in a research project report or thesis (at least thirty pages in length, double spaced, 12 font size, Times New Roman). In addition, evidence of the work performed such as code listings, URLs, CDs, or documentation may be attached. Your master thesis should follow the APA style, including a cover page, an abstract, and a table of contents. The body of the thesis should at least contain the following sections:

Objective of the Project (i.e., Statement of Purpose)

Significance of the Project (e.g., impact on the field, advances in practice, fill a gap in the literature, etc.)

Actual timeline of the project

Literature review (in-text citations compliant with the APA format are mandatory)

Research methodology (research design, population, and sampling procedure if applicable, procedures for data collection)

Results and data analysis

Discussion, conclusions, and recommendations

Bibliography (in the APA format)

List of associated documents such as survey or interview questions, source code, etc. (provided with the report to document the work that you performed)

10 slides of PPT Presentation

A professional presentation of the research project should be prepared to present to the faculty advisor, faculty, and students. The presentation should be about 15-20 minutes in length with another 5-10 minutes allocated for Q&A and should include visuals and handouts.

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