Assignment Research Review Part 2 Instructions

This is the second portion of your Research Review with a continued focus on your chosen PICO(T). In this assignment you will be providing detailed findings from all your research review articles and the literature review tables.

This section includes combining and synthesizing the evidence from the literature review to answer your research question, make practice recommendations and describe the overall of strength/consistency of the findings to support( or not) the intervention. This portion will examine the levels of evidence and statistical data and its relevance in greater detail.

Included in this portion of the paper will be a discussion that ties together Assignment Part 1 and 2 and gives them meaning.

This would include a detailed discussion regarding major findings, limitation of the reviewed literature, conclusions drawn from the findings and implications for nursing practice.

An important discussion in the implications for nursing section is if there is enough data to support and intervention or if there is a need for further research. This section of the paper will include recommendations and application for nursing practice as well a discussion of methods to make the intervention inclusive, equitable , and accessible for populations

This is a “building assignment” as this section and Part 1 will be combined to complete the Final Assignment ***You do not have to worry about self-plagiarism when continue on to assignment 2 and so on. You will have a minimum of seven articles or more for the final Research Review

Assignment Part 2 – 75 points possible. This draft should demonstrate appropriate formatting and addresses all rubric criteria. See Assignment Part 2 Rubric

Instructions: Follow APA 7th ed. Format and follow Part 2 Rubric (refer to example paper Assignment Part 2)

1. Use APA 7th ed. Manual or recommend APA template sites listed in content section to set up paper and. (Chapter 2, APA manual 7th ed.)

2. Write in 12 font Times New Roman

3. DO NOT write in first person.

4. Write in paragraph format

5. Include your title page from Assignment I with corrections made

7. Follow APA format for headings. Use headings from the rubric (see APA 7th ed. Section 2.7)

8. Findings: Include detailed findings for new literature and previous literature (literature review tables in this section as well referring to the literature review tables labeled as an Appendix (APA 7th ed. Chapter 7 see example table 7.1) Include any other data in this section from your research that strengthens your PICO. It is important to refer to the level of evidence for each article you discuss, include the type of research or study, number of participants in the study N=___, the purpose of the research, and any relevant statistical data, CI, p value. List any type of research tools or methods and their reliability rating: example QOL Quality of Life screening, Depression screening, Pain Scale, etc. * you should review and utilize the Statistical Reference Cheat Sheet found in the course.

9. Limit direct quotes to less than 10% of your paper. Paraphrase with in text citations in APA format. ***

11. Reference page should be a completed section with all data from research minimum 7 articles on a separate page following APA 7th ed format, Chapter 9-10.

12. Review Turn it in report and correct any paraphrasing issues report should be <20% matching.

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