View the emerging markets interview above and then create a 300-word post for the discussion board. Please choose a point made by the video as your focus supported by ideas in Chapter 8. You will need to include ways in which marketing research interfaces strategy. Find one scholarly peer-reviewed journal source as a support for the ideas you write on in the post.

2. View the Interview video on COVID and consumers. Choose one of the examples provided in the -video as the focus for your 300-word post. From the example chosen, provide insights found in Chapter 13 in the text. Also select one peer-reviewed scholarly article as a support for the ideas your write on.

3. View the Video Presentation. Consider how brands will develop in the future. Select an idea you find important from the video. Find supporting concepts from Chapter 16 in the text and from one peer-reviewed scholarly journal source. Write a 300-word post on your point of interest.


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