Please answer the prompt below and write  a 5+ page double spaced essay. Follow the directions carefully.  You need to have a thesis early on that addresses the question directly and provides a gist of your argument.  Spend some time to write a clear and specific main point–this is what you will be coming back to when you forget what you are arguing.  The body of the paper is primarily providing support for why your thesis statement is true as evidenced by the text. The conclusion merely sums up the main points you make.

Do not forget a Works Cited list.

What not to do:  Do not spend precious space discussing the author's personal life/bio or your own life experience. A good check for this is not starting your sentences with "I."  Make your point and get into the text examples and analysis without lengthy introductions. The more you analyze the text and quote it, the stronger the paper. The assignment should show your proficiency at reading and analyzing a text.


What statement about gender does J. Winterson make by not making her narrator’s gender specific?


Make sure you have a CLEAR THESIS and ample support for it.  Do not leave your statements without evidence (QUOTATIONS) from the text(s) that proves them true. Proofread carefully.


Please do not use any sources other than your primary text: this paper is to reflect your ability to analyze a literary text in detail and develop your own argument.

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