When you answer these, please incorporate enough of the question so that we all can tell what you’re talking about without having to open

this file.

Simply saying “#40 All of them” is not very informative!


1) What is meant by the grade of a highway? 2) How might the grade of a highway influence the prices set by

trucking companies to haul freight over the route? 3) What is a runaway truck ramp?

4) Why are residential roads higher in the middle than at the curb? 5) What is the generally accepted maximum grade for wheelchair


6) What is an adhesion railroad? 7) What is the maximum grade that an adhesion railroad can

climb? 8) What are some of the steepest adhesion railroads in the world

and where are they located? (just give us one and leave the others for classmates!)

9) What is a cog railway? 10)Where is the world’s highest cog railway?

11)Where is the world’s steepest cog railway? 12)How does a “rack-and-adhesion” railway work?

13)What is a funicular and how does it relate to slope? 14)What was the motivation for the invention of the San Francisco

cable cars? 15)How do the San Francisco cable cars work?

16)How can canals be used to help boat climb hills?

17)How does a canal lock work? 18)How high above sea level is Lake Gatun in the Panama Canal?

19)What are "jake brakes" and why are they prohibited in some locations?


20)How steep does a roof have to be to be considered “pitched”?

21)What distinguishes a “salt box” house? 22)What distinguishes an A-frame house?

23)You may have read The House of the Seven Gables – what’s a gable?

24)Why are gable end roofs among the worst roof designs for hurricane regions?

25)What are some advantages & disadvantages of a Dutch Hip Roof Style?

26)Why are roof lines different in New England and the Southwest? 27)About how steep is the average residential staircase?


28)About how steep is the angle of the slope for “Extreme Skiers”?

29)In the US, about how steep is a green, beginners’ slope? 30)In the US, about how steep is a blue, intermediate slope?

31)In the US, about how steep is a black, expert slope? 32)I can ski a double black diamond slope at home in Indiana. I

can’t wait to ski one in Colorado! Is this wise? Why?

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