6012MFH – Marketing and Digital Strategy Coursework Assignment Brief Assignment Title: Individual Portfolio

Submission Date and Time: 22nd April 2022 by 5PM

Expected Return of Feedback and Marked Work: 14 days from submission

Assignment Weighting: 100%

Word Count: 4,000 words View guidance on word limits for written assignments here

Learning Outcomes Assessed by this Assignment: MLO1: Critically analyse the changes in marketing trends caused by evolving digital communication

and analytics.

MLO2: Determine the significance of different digital measurement techniques across a range of

marketing contexts.

MLO3: Implement digital marketing metrics to support marketing decisions and marketing


MLO4: Critically evaluate various Digital Analytical tools for marketing insights and strategic


MLO5: Distinguish appropriate sources for data analysis.

Assignment Guidelines:

An individual portfolio that consists of a digital dashboard, its analysis, and recommendations

coming from it. The students will examine how digital metrics can be used to assist with the

organisation decision making for the acquisition and/or the retention of customers. Throughout

the module, there will be formative interventions to support students in preparation for the

summative assessment.

Brief Details

You have been asked to develop a dashboard portfolio. All recommendations within the plan must

be supported by robust data and information. The key to success in this assignment is the

creativity in data analysis and the critical argumentation of all recommendations.

The focus of this assessment is to make recommendations by analysing the dashboard from Google

Demosite. Your plan must include:

• The current situation (8-14 March)

• Progress/comparison of metrics (1-7 March vs. 8-14 March)

• Use tables provided by the Demosite

• Justification of the key metrics that will be used to measure the effectiveness of the


• Recommendations on customer acquisition or retention.

By using the Google Analytics Demo Site (data from Google Merchandise Store), check the

performance of the Merchandise Website. Use the dates of 1-7 March and 8-14 March. First, you

need to understand the current strategy (8-14 March) by conducting a situational analysis on the

data. Explain metrics like channels, traffic, users, google ads, session and session duration, and


Afterwards, conduct a comparison of the two weeks. Analyse which strategies have been working,

which metrics you are analysing. Investigate sales and conversion metrics. Suggest one additional

strategy that has potential based on your data analysis. Justify your answers with references.

Recommendations should be based on the data and trend analysis from other resources. What

else can they do in the future months? What should be their plans?

Your analysis must be supported with data (from the Demosite) and evidence (citations,

quotations and referencing). You have to use in-text citation as well as have a full reference list at

the end – both in-text citation and Reference list have to follow APA Style of Referencing.

Proposed Indicative content (this is just a guideline)

• Non-anonymous Cover Sheet (available on Aula)

• Title page with student details and coursework details

• Executive summary

• Table of contents

• Introduction (a brief synopsis of the report).

• Current strategy

o Insights

o Metrics analysis

o Trends analysis

• Comparison of 2 weeks (March 1-7 vs. March 8-14)

o Insights

o Metrics analysis

o Justification

• Recommendations

• Conclusion

• List of references in APA Format

• Appendices (optional)

Guidelines for submitting your assessment

Students to submit individual report on Aula as per the deadline indicated, ensuring that plagiarism guidelines are followed.

Layout for written work

Your work should be word processed (e.g. in Microsoft Word document) in accordance with the following:

• Font style: Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman, font size 12 • 1.5 line spacing. • The page orientation should be ‘portrait’ • Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm • Pages should be numbered • Headings should be clearly named • References – APA style.

  • 6012MFH – Marketing and Digital Strategy
  • Coursework Assignment Brief

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