Project Status Summary (Percentage Complete: 7%):

• All members have been working hard on learning and building Chess in Unity. Going with our plan from last week, we are focusing on implementing a working basic chess game, and then implementing the web app (and adding support for variants in our game). Robert has been further developing code for chess behavior/moves, making sure each piece moves correctly and the game follows the chess rules. Michael has been implementing a method for us to continuously change the FEN string, representing the board that will change as the game is played. Izabella has been implementing the C# process to interact with Stockfish itself via UCI commands, obtaining moves at each positional change.

Lab Time and Accomplishments this week built on last week’s work

• No Lab Time this week.

• Learned more about Unity as well as well as continued to make chess game

• All members have chess repo set up

Next week’s SMART goals:

• Learn more about game development with Unity and C# (Michael, Ali, Izabella)

• Continue writing Chess application in Unity (Robert, Izabella, Michael, Ali).

Action Plan (task responsibility, timing, help needed):

• Continue learning about Unity

• Continue creating the base chess game

· Connect chess game to Stockfish to obtain moves

· Implement all chess rules/moves

· Generate FEN string with each move, using it to redraw board

Open Issues, Risks, Change Requests:

• Finalizing our basic chess game and getting it working

Milestones and Deliverables:

Milestones /


Planned Date

Forecasted Date

Actual Date



First prototype of web application




Off schedule

This is not a priority until the chess game is working

First Chess Game




On schedule

This date may be pushed back depending on what progress is made the following week, for now we retain the original date.

Design graph of Architecture




On schedule

Design graph has been created, although depending on how development goes it could change throughout the semester

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