Research Paper

HLAD 3099


· Topic of paper

· An informative organizational paper on Riverside Healthcare in Kankakee, IL. Writing on a different topic will result in a zero for the assignment.

· Purpose of paper

· The student will research the organization to understand all the aspects of a healthcare organization.

· Required content (all must be addressed completely to receive full credit)

· Mission statement – what is their mission statement, how do you interpret it, and what would you expect to find in your research about the organization based on their mission statement?

· Values – what are their core values and what do they stand for?

· History – what is the history of the organization, original open date, growth milestones

· Leadership – who is their current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and what is his background with the organization? Who were past CEOs?

· Entities – what other entities are part of this organization?

· Locations – where are the off campus sites for the organization?

· Services provided – what type of services are provided (ex: inpatient, outpatient, primary care, cardiology, trauma, stroke center…)

· Awards and Accreditations – what awards and accreditations has the organization received and explain their significance?

· Community Involvement – what does this organization do for their community and how many dollars are spent?

· What supporting information is available to determine if the organization is living up to its mission statement?

· Is the organization for-profit or not-for-profit? What are the government requirement for that status?

· Conclusion – what are your thoughts on this organization?

· Must be submitted as a .DOC or .DOCX word document attachment into the appropriate discussion board tab by 8:00pm on due date requested.


· Minimum of 1,600 words (approximately 8 pages)

· Title page and Reference page do not count in word count or page count

· Do not exceed 10 pages

· APA format

· Proper title page, page numbers, double-spaced, new times roman font 12pt, one inch margins, in-text citations, reference page. Abstract page not required.

· Refer to “Hints for Discussion Board Threads using APA” for reference

· Minimum of 4 scholarly references

· Organization website must be one reference

· References other than the organizational website should help support the additional requirements section of guidelines

· Scholarly references are reliable sources for information, Wikipedia is not acceptable.

· Total Points for Paper – 40

· Meets all content requirements:20 points

· Meets word requirements: 5 points

· Meets APA format requirements:10 points

· Proper grammar, punctuation, sentencing: 5 points

40 points

· Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment and further disciplinary actions for the course. You MUST have references listed AND use in-text citations where you used the information from sources to avoid plagiarism and no points being awarded.

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