Love Has No Labels Background: Love Has No Labels is a PSA campaign produced by the Ad Council. The aim of this campaign is to encourage people to examine and challenge implicit bias, celebrate diversity, and promote inclusion. The Assignment: Select one of the following PSAs: Based on your selection, please write a paper no more than 900 words, and no fewer than 700, and include the following:

(1) Introduction

(2) PSA Analysis • Briefly describe the PSA you selected.

• Describe how your PSA represents different groups, especially those whose needs and complexities are often overlooked, misrepresented, or forgotten. • How do you think people from different cultural backgrounds or belief systems might view the PSA you chose? • Has anyone ever made an assumption about you based on your race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or ability? (3) Future Efforts • While it may be difficult to include all identities, who or what group(s), and/or topics would you like to see included in future PSAs? • Outside of PSAs, what are some other media‐related strategies that could help challenge stereotypes and reduce biases?

(4) Conclusion

Please double‐space your report and stay within the word count. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. You are not required to cite outside sources, but if you do, please use APA

format. Using first‐person is permissible.

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