Students are assigned one the following artist. Students will select a work of art from theartist body of work to discuss in greater detail, but everyone is responsible for learning abouteach movement, themes, and/or concepts of each artist.


James Kerry Marshall

Type your assigned artist in the subject line of your threadInclude an image & Label (artist, title, date, medium, dimensions, repository) of yourassigned artist and chosen artwork.In your own words, write a clear, concise, and persuasive analysis of your assigned artwork(300-500-words). The analysis should convince your reader of the validity of your objectiveand subjective interpretation.I'm looking for a paragraph or two that interweaves the following information:Appropriate course terminology.Your thoughts backed up by evidence. Think criticallyVisually analyzes the artwork:What FEA & PoD are used most prominently in the artwork?Why does the artist make those choices?What medium does the artist choose?Contextually analyzes the artworkHow does the artwork relate to the time in which it was created?When?Where?What was happening politically, socially, economically, etc., that the artists were respondingto?Thematically analyzes the artworkWhat are the major themes are present in the artwork?Your choices should be based on your Visual Analysis & Contextual Analysis.You should use the themes to develop & support your objective and subjective interpretation.Apply the themes, don't simply list them.Support your choices with your Visual Analysis & Contextual Analysis. TheUse all of the above information to develop an objective and subjective interpretation of theartworkClearly state your objective interpretation of the artwork.This should be the result of thinking critically about the object's original context, key ideas &characteristics of the movement, FEA, PoD & the major themes of art.Ask a challenge question for your peers to answer.Questions and responses to them shouldDerive from course materialCenter on thinking about the art object in myriad ways.Not be too obscure, obvious or off topicChallenge each other to think critically about the art object & it's context.Focus on developing ideas – think about other themes that may apply to deepen thediscussion.

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