1 – the submission lacks most of the elements needed to complete the assignment

2 – the submission contains some elements of an experiment but is not an actual experiment

2a – the data recorded are subjective (such as survey responses or qualitative measurements) and not objective measurements (quantitative measurements that are needed for this to be an experiment

2b – the experiment contains too many elements (independent or dependent variables, or treatment groups) and/or is not focused enough to adequately answer a specific question

3 – the independent variable isn’t a correct independent variable, or was a dependent variable, or won’t fully address the question

3a – the independent variable was not clearly identified

3b – the independent variable was not clearly described

3c – there should only be one independent variable

3d – the dependent variable(s) was/were not clearly identified

3e – the dependent variable was not a true measurement, or was really an independent variable or a control

4 – more controls are needed to limit variables in order to address the question

4a – replication of experiment needed

4b – size of groups (treatment, control) seems insufficient

4c – identification of the features and make-up of the groups needed

4d – the controls listed are not adequate or not proper controls for the experiment

5 – the experiment doesn’t address the question presented in the hypothesis

5a – the experiment might address the question presented in the hypothesis but isn’t clearly addressing it – more focus and clarification are needed

6 – the hypothesis is not clearly defined

6a – the hypothesis needs to be more narrowly defined

7 – missing headings specified in the prompt

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