read the TIME magazine article and view the film. Then answer the questions below. TIME article: Accessible on Netflix: Roma1. What surprised you about the living situation/set-up of Cleo and the family she helped care for? How is it different than what you would see in the U.S.?2. How would you explain the contrasts and/or connections between the different socioeconomic statuses represented in the film? Do you see a connection with race and socioeconomic status?3. Review the article about domestic workersa. b. c. What are Latin American films lacking in how they portray domestic workers? Where do they get it wrong? How is Roma unique in this area? What is it missing? How would you evaluate Hollywood films in this area?4. The TIME article states, “the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) dominated the country’s government, as it had done since its founding in 1929, using a combination of political patronage, repression and electoral fraud to maintain its hold on power.” What impact does that truth have on the citizens of Mexico? 5. What aspects of history presented in the article are important to understanding Mexico? 6. How do the issues presented in the “racial divide” section compare to those in the U.S.?7. How do the characters behave or think that compares or contrasts to that of the culture you identify with? Was anything said or done that you would not typically do or see in your culture?8. What are your “takeaways” from this assignment?


· For your report: This is NOT a summary. It’s a reflection and analysis. It’s more than saying, “I learned a lot about culture”. What did you learn? What does it mean? Why is the information presented important to the culture? What does it say about who they are, how they live, or what they value? Do you know anything about its origin or how long it has survived? What does it mean to you? What impact would it have if YOU practiced that tradition(s) or had that value(s)? NOTE: Don’t tell me superficial information. Tell me your ANALYSIS about the significance of what you learned and REFLECT on the impact it would have for those who partake and share the value of the celebratiosn/traditions.

· Length: If you are using Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced with 1 inch margins, the report should be a minimum of 1.5 pages of specifics of what you learned, what it means, why its important, what it says about the culture represented, and your analysis and reflection of what impact it has on you.

(5 points)

· Minimum of 1.5 pages double spaced (excluding heading listing event); 1 inch margins

· 12 point font; Times New Roman

(25 points)

· INTERACT: Show evidence you interacted, asked questions, dug deeper

· ANALYZE: What does it all mean? Why is it significant?

· REFLECT: What would it be like to have that value, tradition, etc.?

· COMPARE: How does it compare to your own traditions, values, etc.?

· Any information given is followed with an explanation of its importance, comparison, analysis or reflection

· Your paper should NOT be about surface information. Review video for details.

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