Week 4 – Value Stream Map

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Refer back to Chapter 10 in your text, beginning on page 259, where we discussed Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Kaizen events.  Referring back to the operational problem you are working to solve for your final paper.  To continue working on solving this problem, this assignment asks you to build a Value Stream Map.    

Please include the following information on your value stream map:

1.  Complete 1 Value Stream Map

          1)  Build a value stream map of your problem – this should be current state of your problem.  (Ex/ Problem – wait times in primary care clinic.  VSM the steps, in current state, when the patient presents to when they are roomed).  

                  a.  Identify and clearly show at least 2 kaizen opportunities – these should be easy to pull out by "bursts" in your VSM.    (Ex/ Problem – wait times in primary care clinic.  In current workstream, patients arrive 5 minutes before visit time – this could be a kaizen event; during registration there is no pre-registration done, kaizen event two).  

2.  Please include a narrative explaining what your map is telling the reader and why you chose the two kaizen events.  Your narrative should tell the reader what your workstream is current state and the two kaizen events you chose and why.  

Paper Requirements

APA formatting 

Value Stream Map – please use Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or Excel to build the map (if you have a mac, Apple applications are also acceptable).  A handwritten map will not be accepted.  


*You can submit each document separate or as one file, whichever works best based on how you build the VSM.

**Please refer to pg. 262 for an example of a Value Stream Map.

Please see attached an example/template for a VSM.  


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Critical Thinking Assignment Rubric




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