Young, J. (2020, June 14). Case Studies of Successful Enterprise Resource Planning.



WalmartWalmart is one of the top ten largest companies in the United States bymarket capitalization. Sales for the company are around $500 billion annually,which nearly doubles that of its closest retail competitor Amazon.

The company operates globally with brick and mortar supercenters, discountstores, and neighborhood markets. It owns hundreds of brands, including thewell known Sam’s Club. To successfully keep its shelves stocked it works withthousands of suppliers. Its e-commerce business is also a behemoth, with along list of online seller partnerships. The sheer size of Walmart’s business isone of its greatest advantages, but also challenges when it comes to ERP.

Walmart works with many ERP providers. In 2018 however, it announced astrategic partnership for building out a digital transformation through MicrosoftAzure. Expectations for the Microsoft Azure relationship include:

● Plans for building out a cloud-based enterprise system that serves asthe framework for managing all of its resources

● The capability to plug-in existing ERP applications to the MicrosoftAzure framework

● Integration of Microsoft 365● Broader and more efficient opportunities for e-commerce● Broader opportunities for automated warehousing capabilities● Use of artificial intelligence for supplier relationships● Integration with SAP Hana and other legacy inventory management

solutions● Integration with blockchain-based solutions that are evolving

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