W4 430 DQ1 UG. 100-150 words

IT and security careers have many varied tracks. Research and identify three tracks an IT Professional can take and describe the credentials (i.e., degrees, certifications, experience) required to pursue these paths. Which path best aligns with your current passions and why?



Good evening Professor Ligon and class,

“Technology is all around us these days, and it’s undeniable: it changes our lives for the better” (Tech, 2021). Technology is evolving at a faster rate than we as humans are. This is good in many ways and one main way that comes to mind is new careers. Humans and technology are interconnected more than ever, and it seems that everyone wants a piece of the technology field. A few different paths that one can take to find a rewarding career in IT are IT Technician, Network Administrator, and Web Development. An IT Tech is the person that oversees installing, maintaining, and repairing software and hardware of an organization. Some skills needed for this are CompTIA A+ as well as a degree in computer science. Network administrators are the people that manage the organization’s networks. From security to training they are a valuable person to have on your staff, especially with training in CompTIA, Cisco, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Finally, Web development specialists are the people that understand interface designs, layout grids, and typography to create and manage websites for your organization. Their skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ActionScript. These paths are all great, although for me I am not too sure what path I want to take. Computers have always interested me and with this field starting to grow so much who knows where we will be by the time, I am ready to change from my current career field.


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