W4 430 AD Benchmark – Security Program Roadmap Presentation

Using MS PowerPoint, create a 7- to 10-slide presentation to communicate the goals and objectives of the security program described in your "Enterprise Security Program" assignment to the fictitious company previously selected.

The presentation must include:

1. An appropriate cover slide and title that represents the company and the purpose of the presentation.

2. Design elements from your "Enterprise Security Program" assignment.

3. Implementation Timelines: Use a phased approach for the various characteristics described (see "ITT-430: Security Program Roadmap Timeline Example").

4. Roles and Responsibilities: List the titles and/or departments responsible for the implementation and management of each characteristic.

5. Include in your presentation all security controls that have been deployed (e.g., polices, cryptographic protocols, etc.) in your enterprise security program.

6. Describe the maintenance that is necessary to ensure effective and efficient information technology (IT) system performance and security within your enterprise security program.

7. Analyze any security failures, and identify specific design principles that would be violated for incorrectly deployed security controls.

8. Additionally, review the previous assignment's controls, laws, and standards established to supplement the presentation.

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