Project 2: Editing & Revising

ENGL 2311 — Prof. Winter

Table of Content

 Assignment

 Learning Outcomes

 Evaluation Criteria


 On the following slides you will find a scenario along with a poorly written letter. Using the

techniques introduced in Chapter 4 of our text, edit and revise this letter to meet the

criteria of good writing.

Assignment Continued

Revising a Poorly Written Letter


 Dr. Winston works for a major university that has a notorious problem with insufficient parking. Winston decides to write a letter of complaint to PTTS, the on-campus traffic and parking regulators.

 Study the old letter, making specific notes on your copy, in terms of Winston’s primary audience and purpose, general professional writing goals, and how the letter’s style complements or fights against these. Winston’s letter is on the next page.

 Evaluate the original document’s style in terms of the strategies and recommendations in Chapter 4. Specify where the original fails to use good (appropriate) writing, why the inappropriate wording will have a negative effect on the document’s success, and how the letter can be improved.

 Thoroughly revise Winston’s poorly written letter. Be sure to correctly and thoroughly apply all of the good style from the reading. You may change wording, but be careful not to change the letter’s central message.

Assignment Continued

 Open the attached file to view the letter needing revision:

C:UsersSABINEDocumentsSabineteachingENGLENGL 23112018SU-ENGL-2311-

45402Letter Project 2.docx

C:UsersSABINEDocumentsSabineteachingENGLENGL 23112018SU-ENGL-2311-

45402Letter Project 2.pdf

Learning Outcomes

 After completing this assignment, you should be able to identify and correct writing

problems in a technical document such as this letter.

Evaluation Criteria

 Your submission will be graded as follows:

 Specific notes on your copy – can be handwritten and submitted as a jpeg (15 possible points)

 Evaluation of original letter’s style – please submit separate document from the above notes; can

be handwritten and submitted as a jpeg (15 possible points)

 Revised letter – must be typed (70 possible points

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