1. Part Three Directions- Reflect on scholarly paper discussing Beyonce or Formation

Please read ONE of the attached scholarly articles about Beyoncé's video for "Formation". Then write three paragraphs, in MLA format, where you:

1) Give the title, author, and describe the main argument of that scholarly article (one paragraph or more). You are not expected to be an expert in everything covered in the article; what you are trying to do is use the expertise of someone who does know a lot about the subject, to add to your understanding of the thing you are researching.

2) Present at least one quote from the scholarly article and describe whether you think it provides strong or weak support for their argument. Use a quote sandwich, with MLA citations for the scholarly paper and for the video; see attached file below for help with citations. .

3) Then describe your own response to that point.  Based on your evaluation of the video, do you agree or disagree with this point from the scholarly article?  You can also describe whether you agree/disagree/partially agree with the overall argument in the scholarly article, if you choose to.  Remember to refer to specific images from the video to support your analysis.  You can refer to the lyrics if you choose to, but primarily you are trying to analyze the visual elements of Beyonce's video.

4) For extra credit, you can respond to two scholarly articles in the research paper due Week 6, so I recommend picking out a second article now, if you plan to go for the extra credit points.


 Scholarly articles -PDF of full article, and link to find citation for article in MDC Library system

a) on backlash from the Super Bowl performance of "Formation"   

or link: 


b)  contrasting reactions to a performance by Beyonce vs a performance by Kendrick Lamar in 2016  

or link: 


c) how Beyonce's "Formation" video challenges colorism ; includes comparison to film Daughters of the Dust  

or link: 


d) how Beyonce's Lemonade album challenges racism and patriarchy  

or link: 

e) Black Girl Magic throughout Beyonce's Lemonade album as a way to heal:  or link: 

f) does Beyonce highlight or exploit queer culture on her Lemonade album? : or link:  

g) where does Beyonce's Lemonade album resist vs fit into a white patriarchal music industry: 

  or link: 

Other Resources

I) Video of "Formation" by Beyoncé            

II) Lyrics for "Formation" : 

III) "That B.E.A.T" documentary on New Orleans "bounce" music (approx. 10 minutes) ; several clips are used uncredited in Beyonce's video :      

IV) Help with citations for "Formation" materials:  

V) Help with quote sandwiches: They Say/ I Say Chapter Three in your text or here: 

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