Strutner, S. (2021, March 31). 3 Successful ERP Implementation Case Studies.Oracle


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ERP Case Study #3: Green Rabbit

Once upon a time, two friends launched a candy wholesale business. Then,

they ran into a problem: shipping melt-prone chocolate bars during summer

months. After the pals designed a heat-sensitive supply chain, other food

companies turned to them for help. The duo rebranded as Green Rabbit, a

supply chain logistics provider specializing in fast delivery of perishable


That shift in strategy tested the company’s current processes, which relied on

QuickBooks, Excel and email. Green Rabbit’s multiple databases couldn’t

communicate with one another, making real-time data analysis impossible.

The warehouse was often waiting on help from the IT team, too.

Green Rabbit chose NetSuite ERP, and the NetSuite professional services

team got the company up and running on the system in three months.

Green Rabbit now:

● Helps customers ship candy, snacks and more across the country in 24hours from one of three different warehouses, without inventory errors.

● Delivers tens of thousands of orders per day, without delays.● Gets guaranteed error-free data from its ERP system, instead of risking

errors from manually entered data.● Could triple its order volume, if desired, without impact to its systems.

Key takeaways

● When implemented correctly, ERP makes it easier to manage acomplicated supply chain, as Green Rabbit’s case study shows.

● ERP is pivotal to growth. Green Rabbit implemented ERP after it grewsubstantially and because it anticipated further expansion

Many growing companies like those profiled here ask: “What is the business

case for ERP?”

Besides the takeaways from our case studies, it boils down to agility. When

finance teams stop peering at dozens of spreadsheets and paper records,

they can get strategic. By helping executive and business colleagues visualize

data, growing firms can forecast future trends and adapt quickly to beat


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