Global Business Plan Project – Section 6

In this week 5 GBP component, you will have the opportunity to provide additional details that you expect will help convey your business outlook to bankers, financers, or other stakeholders you hope to present you plan.

This week, you will be working on section VI, APPENDIX (Exhibits)


In this section, you will have an opportunity to provide charts, pictures, financial tables, and anything that provides additional graphic support for your previous sections.

Each chart will have a separate heading, starting with Appendix A, then a page break, Appendix B, etc.

Provide at least 10 appropriately labeled pictures, charts, graphs.

They must support actual data and not just a graphic placeholder.

You should have appendices A through J when complete

You must thoroughly describe the visual and state what section of your business plan it is linked to.

Be sure your name appears on the document

Upload to the week 6 dropbox.

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