1. How is your assessment of attribution different from that of your Jordan and Myia?
  2. What contribution can you make to your Jordan and Myia post regarding plagiarism?

Jordan post

Attribution is something that is great to know, so you always know how to cite your sources. It’s also very important to give someone credit for their work if you happen to use it. Not knowing this can lead to bigger problems like plagiarism. I would say plagiarism Is taking other’s people’s work and using it as your own while knowing what you are doing. We see it in school all the time when people take people’s papers and turn It in under their name, or even in the business area. The biggest one I can think of is Alando making the exact copy of eBay and using it in Germany. The creators of it were even called the “clone kings”. When it comes to social media and plagiarism I think it’s really different depending on the app it’s created on. When it comes to Twitter I see tons of people getting their work stolen word by word and usually the stealer is getting the most likes and shares out of it. 

I don’t think I have ever been openly plagiarized before. It wouldn’t surprise me a joke of mine had been stolen before and told to other kids but I feel like, even then it wouldn’t have made me angry. Feel like on such a low level like this it would actually make me happy seeing something like that get passed around. If I ever saw one of my artworks or posts on Instagram get shared around somewhere without credit, that would definitely make me furious.

Myia post

Attribution of work is important this allows you the writer and reader to give credit to the original writer. Also, this makes sure the evidence or statement is credibly made by a person who is advanced and educated in that field by adding these attributions allows not only the credit to be given to the proper person but may in turn make the statement being used stronger evidence or support in what it is being used for. Plagiarism, which sounds to be an incriminating word. Plagiarism is stealing someone’s words or work and presenting it as your own. when sharing a post the person is credited it creates an auto citation. But using someone’s words or ideas isn’t plagiarism unless copied word for word without proper attribution. 

I have had a fellow student of mine when I was in high school steal my draft for an paragraph and write it word for word without a second thought or looking at it. The way I reacted to this is a funny story. When I first write drafts for assignments for my own notes I never include all the information. I leave out the explanations and the cited work. This person took the beginning and end of my paragraph and turned it in where nothing was included that I wrote about in my final work so they failed. I got 100% on that assignment because my explanations for my work come by the final draft allowing me to spend the most time creating that connection to pull everything together. I laughed at this when I found out. 

RESPOND TO John and Jayson post

John post

The primary market is where securities are created. It’s in this market that firms sell stays above water, new stocks and bonds to the public for the first time. An initial public offering, is a type of a primary market. These trades provide an opportunity for investors to buy securities from the bank that did the initial underwriting for a particular stock. An IPO occurs when a private company issues stock to the public for the first time.

The secondary market is most commonly referred to as the “stock market.” This also includes the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and all major exchanges around the world. The defining characteristic of the secondary market is that investors trade among themselves.

That is, in the stock market, investors trade previously issued securities without the issuing companies’ involvement. For example if you were to go buy stock in eBay , you are dealing only with another investor who owns shares in eBay. ebay is not directly involved with the transaction or sale. It is a third party transaction.

Jayson post

Purpose and mechanics of both primary and secondary markets

Capital market refers to a physical or virtual commonplace, wherein capital instruments such as equity shares and debt instruments like bonds are issued or traded between firms and investors.

There are two types of capital markets: primary and secondary markets.

Primary markets refer to a market where equity shares or debt instruments are issued directly by a firm and purchased by investors. (Fabozzi & Fabozzi,2005). It may be either an initial public offering or subsequent issues for equity shares, but shares are issued by a firm directly. Secondary markets are where equity shares or debt instruments are traded between investors who have purchased them already and other investors. (Fabozzi & Fabozzi,2005). It means that equity shares or debt instruments are bought by a community of investors from another community who have already purchased the same instead of purchasing from the original issuer of such capital instruments.

The way in which the activity of the markets influences a companys importance

Secondary markets activity significantly impacts a companys importance because the market fixes trade prices of securities based on investors demand irrespective of the companys actual operating performance and financial conditions. For example, the trade price of a bond instrument is calculated by discounting its future coupon payments and maturity amount using investors expected market return rate as the reasonable discount rate. As a result, a security issuing firm may not be able to call or redeem its securities at its desired price. Instead, the firm has to accept the price fixed by the market for such securities and bear the loss, if any, provided they are not callable securities. (Randall, 2017).

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