AEDV310 Assignment 3

Instructions Part I (40 Points)

After completing the readings and activities from Chapters 8 – 11, answer the following questions with page lengths for each question between 1/2 – 1 page. Feel free to answer in the outline format provided and submit both Part I and Part II on one continuous document:

1. After completing the week-long analysis of how you spend your time (Chapter 8):

a. Discuss what you have found out about how you spend your time. For example: 1. Are you a procrastinator? 2. Do you have free time for relaxation? 3. Do you have time to spend with friends and/or family? 4. Do you allocate enough time for coursework?

b. What action steps will you take to balance your time between all of your commitments? (e.g. home, work, school, socializing, exercise, sleep, relaxation).

1. Be specific about the action steps you will take in each area. Refer to the article Nursing students' time management, reducing stress, and gaining satisfaction as you construct your answer and cite/reference accordingly.

2. Explain the 5 practices and 10 commitments of exemplary leadership (Chapter 9):

a. Provide examples (for each of the 5 practices and 10 commitments) from your own experiences to illustrate your answer,

b. Describe your own leadership qualities, and c. Explain the role and/or context of the situation in leadership models.

3. Read Chapter 10, and The Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in College Students. From these readings, and with reference to your own sleep habits (and sleep issues if relevant):

a. Discuss the importance of sleep quality vs sleep quantity. b. Describe how sleep quality relates to resilience, and c. Describe how sleep quality relates to your academic work.

4. After developing a daily planner (Chapter 11), discuss the following: a. Describe what you learned about your ability to schedule your time effectively? b. Identify how well you currently manage your time efficiently? c. Determine how much stress and distractions play a role in your ability to

manage your time and meet your goals? d. Develop a plan containing a goal and objectives to manage time more efficiently

so as to reduce stress.

3. Instructions Part II (10 Points)

Notice that the required articles listed on D2L for Assignment 3 are demonstrations of how to correctly reference each in APA style.

Using these resources APA Resources: APA Style General and Guidelines for In-Text Citations

• Part 2a (4 points): List the following items from the course textbook: o Last name and initials of each of the authors o Year of publication o Publisher o Correct APA style version as it would appear on a References page

• Part 2b (6 points) Provide examples of each of the following from each of the required articles: o Parenthetical citation (1 pt) o Narrative in-text citation (1 pt) o Quotation (2 pts) o Block quote (2 pts)

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