4.1 Assignment: Devotional

1. Be sure to address the following prompts in your paper:

a. The Apostle Paul encouraged the church in Colossae by showing them that Jesus Christ was everything they needed in their lives. How does the sufficiency of Christ in everything we do translate to our modern 21st-century lives?

b. As you near the end of this program, how does thankfulness play into your progress in the program and your associated experiences? Reflect upon how gratitude and faith have played a role in your studies and your life.

2. Your paper should be at least 250 words in length.

4.3 Assignment: Progress Report

1. Provide a brief overview of your capstone project work.

a. Provide a brief overview of your capstone project work.

b. What work is completed (bulleted format)?

c. Provide a brief description of work in progress.

4.4 Assignment: Outline of PowerPoint Presentation (Phase 3 of Final Capstone Project)

1. This is Phase 3 of your final capstone project.

2. You will submit an overview of the PowerPoint presentation that will summarize your project. Provide a one- to two-slide outline of the main points that cover the following:

a. Introduction to the problem

b. Steps that would provide a solution to the problem

c. Conclusion statement

3. Remember the specifics for the final PowerPoint presentation:

a. Create a presentation that would be appropriate for senior management to understand your project.

b. Provide an overview and introduction with appropriate level of detail of the problem, potential solutions that could be applied to the problem, and the most appropriate solution based on your judgment and expertise as developed throughout your studies. The presentation needs to provide sufficient information that would allow management to make informed decisions related to approving and funding the project. The presentation is to be associated directly with the project paper you are researching and writing.

c. Use a minimum presentation of 15 PowerPoint slides or a length necessary to adequately inform management.

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