Writing for Nursing/ Module 4 Introduction


Introductions to a paper are used to introduce the topic, capture the audience’s attention and convince/encourage them to read the rest of the paper, and to define the scope of the paper that follows.  Introductions should be brief usually three or four sentences.  When addressing a complex topic an introduction may require two paragraphs of three to four sentences each.  Typically the thesis statement is the last sentence of an introduction.

The thesis statement tells the reader the main idea of the paper.  Frequently the thesis sentence includes the writer’s opinion plus a sharing of the organization, content, and purpose of the paper.


· You are to write the introduction for the final paper that is due in Week 7.  You may want to review the requirements of that paper before writing the introduction.  The instructions for the final paper can be found in the Instructional Materials for Module 1.

· This assignment provides you with the opportunity to begin the organization of the final paper.  Think about the overall message you wish to convey in the final paper.  The introduction will set the stage for the reader and make them want to learn more so they will then continue to read.  The introduction will end with a conclusive statement that will let the reader know where the author’s thinking is headed.

· Given the required length of the final paper the introduction needs to be two (2) or three (3) paragraphs.   The word count is to be between 250 and 400 words.  Use the professional writing style, e.g., do not use first person.

Click on the link titled "M4 A2: INTRODUCTION TO FINAL PAPER – SUBMISSION AREA" to submit the assignment.

· Refer to  for evaluation guidelines

· Points: 10

· Due: See Course Calendar/Checklist

Note: You will have three (3) attempts to submit a written assignment, only the final attempt will be graded. For each attempt you will receive a SafeAssign originality report. This will give you a chance to correct the assignment based on the SafeAssign score.  to view instructions on how to interpret your SafeAssign originality report.

Kindly note: If a submission has been made for more than 48 hours without a re-submission, it will be considered final and will be subject to being graded.

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