Writing for Nursing/ Module 4 Discussion


One of the tasks that health care professionals perform is that of translating health care information so laypersons can understand that information.  All too frequently we forget that what is everyday language to us is as foreign as Klingon (Star Trek) or Sindarin (Lord of the Rings) to others.  It is our responsibility to convey health information so it can be understood.  The task in this assignment is to review an article (one you have used in a previous assignment) and create an explanation of that article that would be understood by a layperson.

Some useful material can be found in the Module 4 Instructional Materials folder.

are required for the initial post; one can be the ACOG article. The initial post is to be 250-300 words in length.


1.    Read the  (Committee on Health Care for Underserved Women) also found in the Instructional Materials folder in Module 3.2.    Provide an explanation of the relationship between the social determinants of health and cultural awareness in the delivery of health care.  This explanation must be tailored to the understanding of a layperson.3. The initial post explanation needs to be between 250-300 words in length.4. A minimum of one (1) reference is required for the initial post.  This reference will be in addition to any reference you wish to use from the ACOG article.  It is okay to use textbook material to support points in the discussion, but it does not count towards the required minimum reference.5. As with the other discussion boards you need to respond to two (2) peers.  The responses must be between 150-200 words each.  Remember that the responses cannot be posted on the same day that you post the initial post.

· To post the discussion board click on the “Click to Launch” link OR on the on “Discussions” tab in the menu bar on the left-hand side of the Blackboard screen. Post the material in the forum titled “M2-A3 Social Determinants of Health in the US

Due date:

· The initial post is due by 11:59 PM EST on the Friday of the relevant week of class. There is a 10% deduction for each day a post is late until 11:59 PM EST Sunday. for the post.

· The responses to peers must be posted by 11:59 PM EST Sunday.  No posts will be accepted after this time.  

· Any material posted after 11:59 PM EST on the relevant Sunday will be zero (0) points.

Refer to  for evaluation guidelines

· Click on "DISCUSSIONS" section located on the left-hand side of your screen in BlackboardPost in the discussion forum titled "M4-A3 DB EXPLANATION FOR LAYPERSON".

· Point value: 20

· Due Date: See Course Calendar/Checklist

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