Week 5 Discussion by Day 4Post brief descriptions of the United States and foreign compensation programs you selected. Then, briefly explain the differences between the two programs. Finally, explain how at least one component of the foreign country's program might be applied to programs in the United States. Be specific.

Victim’s Compensation Programs are there to help victims and their family’s recovery some of

the loss imposed upon them through violent crimes, in which the victim is either severely injured

or death occurs as a result of that crime. Interestingly enough, compensation outlined within the

United States is for a victim is recovering expenses in various forms such as loss of employment,

dental, hospital, doctor, and therapist bills, damage to the home and acquiring security alarms

and locks, even insurance payments, yet the offender pays nothing (Karmen, 2016). However,

retribution is when the offender is responsible for paying back losses (Karmen, 2016). Ironically,

South Africa provides a legal framework that not only holds the offender accountable but gives

the victim a right to stake their right to a compensation claim in open court (Republic of South

Africa). In the brochure provided to victims, it states that, “You can request to be present at court

on the date of sentencing of the accused and request the prosecutor to apply to court for a

compensation order in terms of section 297 and 300 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act 51

of 1977)” (Republic of South Africa). These claims pertain to loss or damage done to personal

property. (Republic of South Africa). After comparing the United States with South Africa, I

believe that allowing the victim to make an open claim in court will give honor to victims and

their families and allow applications to process quickly.

My personal experience as an Executive Director and advocate for women and their families

who suffered loss due to personal injury and/or death, it was one of the most rewarding and

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honorable ways that our organization served victims of violence. The Victim’s Compensation

Programs were specific in what a victim or family could submit for loss on their claim. The

victim had to file a police report, have an itemized medical bill(s) and notoriety application,

while claims for funerals consisted of…” Signed and notarized application… Copy of the law

enforcement report…Copy of the death certificate…The itemized funeral bill” (N.C. Department

of Public Safety). There were many successful cases in which the claims were honored and the

victims received compensation.


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Justice and Constitutional Development:

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