Please respond to the below classmate discussion post.  Minimum of 100 words.

 Global Warming to me seems like one of the topics that although there may seem a lot of information on it. What people say all around the world varies. In my opinion, I believe that Global Warming is a real problem and the way it is described as a problem is not true. I think that Oil rigs in the Ocean have more of a play on global warming than the actual rain itself. When I read into Global warming it says that most of it stems from the Ice cap and how as the Ice cap melts the water of the world will raise to new heights that will in due time lead to a slew of catastrophic events in certain areas of the world.  I believe that Global warming and pollution should be tied together, Many of the diamond minds that we have created in hundreds of differents of places contribute towards Global warming. I wholeheartedly believe that Global warming is an issue just what they use to talk about it in the media is what is misconstrued.  

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