Project Management

James B. Christa

Columbia Southern University

1. Project Overview

The project is about upgrading the Information Technology (IT) department. The major motivating factor is the increased insecurity issues in computer networks and systems. The upgrade is intended to boost the security of the networks in the organization. The efficiency and effectiveness of the IT department should also be boosted by the project. The project will be termed successful if there is an overall boost in the quality of service delivery by the IT department. Limited financial resources are the major constraints in this project.

1.1 Purpose, Scope, Objectives, and Business Case

As the title of the project suggests, the purpose is to upgrade the Information Technology department so that it is safer, more efficient, and effective.

1.1.1 Scope

The problem is a threat to the security of the computer networks. The current system is also not the best in terms of functionality. It has issues with speed as well as overall efficiency. Requirements gathering was conducted by researching the market and finding the best options for the project. Benchmarking rival firms in the industry also helped in understanding how well to improve the systems. The major constraint to the business is the limited financial resources because it is an expensive investment. The alternative to dealing with constraints is to search for affordable but high-quality equipment that can be used to effectively solve the problem but at a lower cost.

1.1.2 Statement of Work

The key milestone is to have a state-of-the-art computer network that will improve the security and efficiency of processes. Network security features and processors will play a key role in fulfilling the project. In terms of resource requirements, financial resources are required to purchase the equipment for installation. Human resources are also needed to provide the manpower. Experts in different fields of Information Technology are needed to provide their services to make sure the project is successful. The major risk in this project is if it fails to achieve its objective after the huge investment. The acceptance criteria involve making adjustments in order to make sure the project is successful.

1.1.3 Business Case

The business intends to compete effectively in the industry by having modern infrastructure that will help in improving efficiency and effectiveness. The project is feasible if resources are availed and the right strategies are implemented. The major internal force that will affect the project is the availability of resources; both financial and human. Externally, the prices at which the machinery and equipment are sold will have a direct impact on the project. This will determine whether the company will afford the project or not. The satisfaction of the business will be determined by the outcome. Improved security and efficiency will be key determinants of satisfaction.

1.2 Project Deliverables

i. Modern computer networks

ii. State-of-the-art computer security systems

iii. Bigger storage devices

iv. Faster processors

1.3 Project Organization

i. Head of Information Technology – Team Leader

ii. Accountant – To handle financial issues

iii. Project manager – To oversee the project and offer consultation

iv. Procurement manager – To negotiate prices and get the best deal

v. Market research analyst – To conduct market research and analysis

vi. Quality control officer – To ensure the project meets the company and industry standards

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