I PAID SOMEONE TO DO THIS AND IT WAS DUE YESTERDAY! IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN DO A DECENT JOB IN THE NEXT FEW HOURS? . Research topic: LGBTQ people discriminated against in numerous states from fostering and or adopting.  . Gaps in knowledge  I need to identify the gap and idk what that means! HELP!!! i have attached a peer review article and this is the second I would like to use  

Academic Journal

Woods, Jordan Blair; Family Court Review, Vol 60(1), Jan, 2022 pp. 82-97. Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd.; [Journal Article], Database:

Subjects: Child Welfare; Foster Care; Laws; Religion; LGBTQ; Childhood (birth-12 yrs); Male; Female

  • Identify the research question in each and provide justification.
  • Identify the methodological approach in each (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods) and provide justification.

No page requirements 

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