1,750- to 2,100 words demonstrating your analytical and written communication skills. 

  • Counseling Program and Degree
  • Explain your reasons for seeking a counseling degree. What do you hope to achieve in this program? Ensure your reasons are rational and well thought out.
  • Explain why you feel you will be successful in a graduate counseling program. 
  • Counseling Aptitude
  • Research and summarize at least two research articles on commonly accepted personality characteristics of counselors. 
  • List 3-4 characteristics, and describe how you embody them currently. 
  • Describe how your personality characteristics will impact your counseling approach and style in a counseling setting.
  • Potential Areas for Growth
  • Explain some challenges you expect to encounter in your journey to becoming an effective counselor. Include anticipated challenges related to completing your academic program, as well as challenges related to your counseling aptitude.
  • Describe how you plan to address or overcome these challenges.

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