N320W Calendar 8 week


Assigned Content/Readings

Assignments/Due Dates

Week 3

Models to Guide Implementation and Sustainability of EBP

Evidence-Based Practice


Critically appraising the evidence

Read Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt Ch. 14

Review APA Chapters 1-8

Assignment: Chose a EBP model that aligns with your PICO(T) and Complete Research Model Worksheet

Instructions : After reading Chapter 14 in Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt. Review the following models and choose one that best fits your PICO(T), the organization where you work or where you would implement the PICO(T):

IOWA Model of EBP, John Hopkins Nursing Process for EBP, Stetler Model of EBP, Stevens Start Model, Clinical Scholar Model, PARIHS Elements and Sub-elements, and ARCC Model

Once you have chosen your EBP model complete the Research Model worksheet found in this module. This will guide your EBP study based on your specific PICO(T) ( and will be included in your Research Paper) Please complete this worksheet using APA 7th ed format .

Review the following in Module 2 to provide guidance and examples in further detail:

Research Model Worksheet

Research Model Example

Submit Research Model Worksheet to the drop box Sunday by 11:59pm

Quizzes Due:

No quiz due this week


No discussion due this week

Assignment: Submit Research Model worksheet to drop box Sunday by 11:59

Week 4

Quantitative and Qualitative Evidence

Critically appraising the evidence

Technical Writing

Professional Writing

Read Melnyk & Fineout- Overholt Chapters 5, 6, 17. 18

Review: Literature Review Content found in Module 2

Read: Differences between qualitative and quantitative articles handout found in the content area of Module 2.

Discussion: Using the MSU library data base identify one Quantitative and one Qualitative article for your PICO (T) that demonstrates support your desired clinical question/intervention outcome and complete a literature review table for those articles . Answer all discussion questions for this section.

Make sure to continue to add articles from searches to the Database Research Table.

Assignment: Follow the Literature Review Rubric and Instructions and complete the Literature Review Template for your Quantitative and Qualitative articles as part of your discussion for week 4.

Looking ahead: Week 5 is when the first draft of Research Review (Part 1)


Quizzes Due:

No quiz due this week


Initial responses due Wednesday by 11:59pm. Response to 2 peers and self-grading quiz due by Sunday at 11:59pm

Assignment: Submit your literature review template to the dropbox by Sunday at 11:59pm

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