MS Excel: Update Payroll

Using Microsoft Excel online or installed version of Microsoft Excel complete the following assignment

NOTE: To complete the assignment you will need to start with this file, 

Problem: PHM Reliable Catering is a company that provides catering services to both small and large businesses. You have been asked to update the weekly payroll report to reflect changes in personnel, to update certain mandatory deductions, and to add overtime computations. The final worksheet is shown in Figure 3–87.





Title: New Employee Data - Description: This is information needed for the assignment.


1.    Open the workbook, Lab 3-2 PHM Reliable Catering Weekly Payroll Report. 

2.    Save the file as CS155Week6LastnameFirstname. Ensure that you use your Lastname and Firstname in filename.

3.    Delete rows 12 through 14 to remove the statistics below the Totals row.

4.    Delete column B. Set column A width to 31.00 and columns B through K to 11.00. Select row 3 and set text to wrap in this row using the Wrap Text button (Home tab | Alignment group), and then set the row height to best fit.

5.    Delete the record for the employee Evans, Timothy. Add two blank lines directly above the row for Mi, Emily, and add the information for the two new employees listed in Table 3–11. 

6.    Replace one of employee’s names with your name.. 

7.    If necessary, use the fill handle in cell E6 to copy the gross pay formula to the rows of the two new employees.

8.    Add the Tax Rates information shown in Figure 3–87 in cells A15:B20 to your worksheet. 

9.    Change the font size in cell A1 to 28-point. Change the font size in cell A2 to 18-point. Change the font in cell A15 to 18-point italic and underlined. Change the row height for rows 1, 2, and 15 to best fit.

10.  Insert three columns to the right of the Gross Pay column. Add the column titles Taxable Income, Social Security, and Medicare in cells F3:H3. Center the contents of cells B3:K3. Calculate the Social Security and Medicare taxes in columns G and H by multiplying the tax rates in the Tax Rates table by the Gross Pay.

11.  Federal tax calculations must take into account two tiers of income tax, which are applied to the taxable income. Calculate the taxable income, which is the Gross Pay — (number of withholding allowances * $90).

12.  Calculate the federal tax withheld. If an employee has a taxable income of greater than or equal to $689, then the federal tax withheld equals $110.85 plus the federal tax rate found in cell B19 multiplied by the taxable income in excess of $689. If an employee’s taxable income is $689 or less, the federal tax withheld equals the taxable income multiplied by the federal tax rate found in cell B18. Use the IF function to calculate the federal tax in Column I. 

13.  State tax is calculated as a percentage of federal tax. Use the tax rate in the Tax Rates table to calculate state tax in column J. 

14.  Calculate Net Pay in column K, as Gross Pay — Social Security, Medicare, Federal Tax, and State Tax.

15.  Use the background color of your choice for the ranges A1:K2 and A15:B20.

16.  Center the range B4:B11. Apply the currency style with two decimal places, no dollar signs, and negative numbers in black and parentheses to the range C4:C11 and E4:K12. 

 in cells A15:B20


Font size A1 to 28-pt,  A2 to 18-pt,  A15 to 18-pt italic and underlined


Insert three columns to right of Gross Pay column. Column titles Taxable IncomeSocial Security, and Medicare.



·         Calculated Social Security and Medicare taxes

·         Net Pay, and Federal tax, state tax withheld


Background color changed A1:K2 and A15:B20.  Center B4:B11



·         Currency style two decimal places, no dollar signs, negative numbers in black and parentheses to C4:C11 and E4:K1

·          Cell contents B3:K3 centered, thick Bottom Border  A3:K3 and Thick Outside Border A15:B20


Sheet tab name to Weekly Payroll and tab color to match background color A1


 Fit to one page in landscape orientation.


Filename CS155Week6lastnamefirstname


Override for incorrect file type, template used or incorrect content/file


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