HFMG 3130

LAB # 11-Advanced Program Options


This laboratory experience is aimed to provide you with experience in participating in and creating an effective exercise program.

Student Assignments:

1. Each student will participate in performing the exercises and creating a workout program for you lab.

Observe and Participate

Exercise Prescription Demonstration


Advanced Workout Program (For an Athlete)

Resources: the internet ( , Instagram (@alexia_clark, @docjenfit, @joetherapy, @paintherapy) Youtube (Athlean-X, blogilates, Furthermore from Equinox, Muscle&Motion, calisthenicmovement, functionalpatterns), ask me questions.

Using your book Table 19.1 and Box 19.2 and any other resources you need create an advanced program for an athlete. Use all sections and remember the ACSM guidelines (shown below).

Create a workout for an athlete with agility drills, advanced resistance techniques, and power components.


1. Create a week-long training plan that includes of 8- 10 exercises, 1-2 cardio options, and 5- 6 recovery/flexibility options.

2. Prepare an instruction document uses pictures if needed to explain your exercises, why you chose them specifically, and what muscle groups you are targeting.

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