YOUR BRIEF Starting from your group project idea, prepare an executive 5 slides pitch presentation of how you could evolve the idea and take it further for the brand.

How?• Choose a partnership brand to build on the idea(not fashion, luxury or hospitality)

• Develop a strategy and plan of how to bring this evolved idea to life based on a budget of 30K (smart thinking / what channel / give ballpark figures) • Articulate the launch plan focus on one city, make it digital, and demonstrate an understanding and choice of communication channels (ie. Social media/experiential etc.)

• Bring to life what the communication execution would be (visual references / creative look and feel / moodboard)

GRADING CRITERIA• Slides – Flow of presentation/Engaging format/Clarity

and capacity to captivate the audience• Creative thinking (innovative, power of analysis)• Market understanding (Relevant to market and needs)• Routed in consumer need insight (shows a good

understand and link to audience)• Brand fit (Relevant to brand mission / DNA)• Do not copy/paste existing ideas and choose same

partnership brands as other students in the class

TIMELINEAssignment to be done in class during Exam Week, andwill need to be uploaded Monday 4th April 2022 on Moodle by 4pm.

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