Research and choose a specific healthcare organization (HCO) for your future marketing plan. After selecting your HCO, conduct research online to locate the organizations strategic plan and read its vision, mission, and values statements. Add the term strategic plan after the HCOs name in the search engine box (e.g., Sharp Healthcare strategic plan) to narrow your search results.

Address the following:

  • State your choice of HCO and explain why it interests you.
  • State      the organizations vision, mission, and values statements
  • Discuss      whether the organizations purpose and priorities are clearly defined
  • Discuss whether the mission statement clearly separates the HCO from competing organizations.
  • Include any ideas you have at this point for improving the mission statement in terms of aligning the HCOs stated priorities with its products and services.  
  • Discuss whether the current vision statement correctly describes the HCOs path as it implements the strategic plan.
    • Could the current vision statement be utilized to motivate the organizations workforce?
    • If not, how would you reword the vision statement to better reflect high ideals and aspirations to fulfill the HCOs strategic plan?  
  • Discuss whether the current value statement takes into consideration the values of multiple participants such as the community, employees, shareholders, and customers.
    • How would you reword the current value statement to better reflect priorities found within the HCOs strategic plan?

-Must be five to six double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA style.

-Must use at least three scholarly or peer-reviewed sources.

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